Forms: Make changes to a recurring donation

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How do I edit name or contact info for a recurring donation?

To edit name or contact information for a recurring donation, go to LGL Forms, and then click Donations/Payments > Scheduled Recurring. From here, you can either click the View/Edit link for the recurring donation you want to make changes to:

Or you can search for the recurring donation by typing the donor's name, if you know what it is, into the search field available on the "Received" tab:

Once the search result containing the recurring donor's name appears, you can click the View/edit original submission link within the most recent submission:

Then click any of the pen icons to make your update/s:

How do I cancel/pause or edit payment information for a recurring donation?

To edit or cancel a recurring donation for a donor, go to your LGL Forms account and click Donations/Payments:

Click the Scheduled Recurring tab:

Scroll through the list to find the name of the donor for whom you want to change the recurring payment information. Click View/edit below the date of their last donation:

From here, you have the option to change the donation amount or schedule, change payment information, and cancel or pause the recurring donation.

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