Tracking Gift Aid (for UK customers)

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This feature is built specifically to help LGL customers in the United Kingdom keep track of donors and gifts that qualify for Gift Aid. ( Learn more about Gift Aid.)

Turn on Gift Aid tracking in your account

You can turn on the Gift Aid tracking feature only if your account is set to use the GBP currency. It is possible to set both of these options in Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings.

Set Gift Aid eligibility at the constituent level

Once the the feature has been turned on, you will see the Gift Aid section on the Constituent Details page. 

By default, there are two options you can select in this section, either Yes or No:

You can also add custom values on the fly, which gives you more flexibility in tracking the finer points of eligibility at the constituent level. For example, if you wanted to track eligibility by year, you could create a value of "Yes - 2017". Or if you wanted to track that someone is temporarily ineligible (due to living overseas, for example), you could add a value of "No - temporarily":

When you select a new value, it is not necessary to choose either of the default values. Your new value will be assigned as the constituent's Gift Aid eligibility. This value will also now appear in the dropdown menu when you are setting Gift Aid eligibility for other constituents in your database.

Set Gift Aid eligibility at the gift level

When recording a gift, you can set the status for Is Gift Aid? to Yes or No. To the far right, you'll also see the Constituent Gift Aid Eligibility status. The idea here is that you can quickly check whether the donor is Gift Aid–eligible. Then you have the option to set the Gift Aid status for the gift accordingly.

The two Gift Aid attributes (the gift attribute and the constituent attribute) work independently of each other. This means that you can set a gift as Gift Aid–eligible (the setting is Yes in this instance) even if the constituent is not Gift Aid–eligible (that status is set to No). This means you can use the constituent attribute as information to help you record the gift properly, but don't expect the constituent tag to automatically set the Gift Aid value on the gift. You will need to set that as a separate step.

In Fundraising > Giving, you can filter or search on Gift Aid–eligible gifts by using the Is Gift Aid? field. You can also, of course, restrict your search by gift date, such as by fiscal year.

If you then export the results (by clicking the Export results button to the upper right), you can report on these gifts and include a column to show the Gift Aid tag by gift.

Best Practice: Keep in mind that you can set a report to run on a scheduled basis, so if you want a monthly report on how much giving is Gift Aid–eligible, you could schedule your report to run monthly:

Recording the payment from the government

You can use "Related Gift" type of "Matching" to record a contribution you receive from an entity based on the donation of a donor. Often this is done for companies that match contributions by their employees (see the related article link at the bottom for more on that). In the case of Gift Aid, you can record a payment from the government and add a Related Gift attributed to the original donor. LGL does not support any kind of "grossing up" of the original payment amount from the donor. That should happen only when you record the payment from the matching entity (the government) and add a matching gift attributed to the original donor; then you can see on their record that the donor gave an original amount and has a "soft credit" for the matching amount.

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