Constituent giving summary

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The constituent Giving Summary always appears at the top part of the constituent details page, on the right side of the page:

What data is contained in the gift summary

The gift summary shows highlights, including the first gift, the most recent gift, and the largest gift.

Below this data, you see a breakdown of giving by gift type. This breakdown has two columns, one for all dates and one for this year. Date ranges can be changed, so you can compare this year to last year or other years to each other.

Totals for gifts types that include other income and related gifts are shown below the fundraising information.

How the numbers are calculated

  • Total: This number is the sum of all contributions (cash and otherwise), including gifts, in-kind donations, pledges, soft credits, and matching gifts.
  • Largest: The biggest single contribution and date
  • Latest: The most recent contribution and date
  • By gift type: A list of each gift by type with a count and total amount. Clicking these links will bring up a list of all gifts by type
  • Additional giving: Below Total value, you can see totals for other income, in honor of, in memory of, and other related gifts

Giving status

LGL automatically calculates giving status information based on the constituent’s giving history.

  • Top 100 donor: Calculated based on the total giving of all constituents, ranked in descending order.
  • Active donor: Set for all constituents who have donated within the past 18 months.
  • Lapsed donor: Set for all constituents who have donated at some point, but not within the last 18 months.

    Note: It is possible to adjust the time frame defining a lapsed donor by going to Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings, and scrolling down the "Giving Status" section to adjust the setting.
  • Non donor: Set for all constituents who have never donated to your organization.

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