Migrating from GiftWorks to LGL

LGL has prepared a PDF guide for you to use when migrating your data from GiftWorks to Little Green Light. Please note that we are not GiftWorks experts, don't keep up with changes GiftWorks makes to their system, and don’t know how you may have customized your data and work flow. You should alter/adjust exports as needed in order to properly reflect your data.

PDF do-it-yourself guide:  Migrating from GiftWorks to LGL

What you should know regarding GiftWorks

  • Be familiar with the GiftWorks reporting mechanism and know how to customize reports
  • Know which fields (especially custom fields) you need/use regularly and want to import into LGL
  • Know/understand whether or not you need more than the Mailing Address (i.e., do 2nd Address, 3rd Address, and Informational Address actually hold valuable information for you?)
  • Know whether or not you want to mark “Informational” address/phone/email as “inactive” (see below)
  • Know whether or not you have pledges and pledge payments as well as outstanding pledges. Some people with very few outstanding pledges prefer to start with a clean slate in LGL and manage those manually rather than attempting to create them on import

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