Integrating with SendGrid to send transactional emails from LGL

SendGrid is a transactional email service. This article shares how to integrate your SendGrid account with your Little Green Light account so that you can send transactional emails using SendGrid.

Setting up this integration requires a SendGrid account. You can set up a SendGrid account by going to SendGrid offers paid monthly plans starting at $9.95/mo. for 40,000 emails. (This is based on SendGrid's current pricing structure, which is subject to change.)

Note: Little Green Light also offers a transactional emailing service free of charge that doesn't require integrating your account with any third-party provider. Read instructions for how to set it up.

Add your SendGrid credentials to LGL

Once you have a SendGrid account, in LGL navigate to Settings > Integration Settings > Send Email from LGL, and click the Set up SendGrid button: 

Enter your SendGrid user name and password, and click Connect to SendGrid. That's it! Your integration has been set up You can now begin sending emails from Little Green Light.

Note: You can have SendGrid and Mandrill set up at the same time, but LGL will always use SendGrid to send email, if present.  

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