Mailings: What's new (Feb 2016)

For recent updates to how acknowledgment mailings work, please see  Acknowledgments: What's new (Feb 2016).

New mailing features

Note: LGL Mailings are typically used for mail appeals and other similar types of mailings. Sending gift acknowledgments requires a different and separate process, which you can read about here.

This article provides an overview of the updates we made to Mailings in February 2016 to further simplify the customer experience in LGL. This article highlights the key changes in the new version with a comparison to the previous version. 

The new mailing feature may look is similar in that it consists of four tabs, but there are quite a few changes under the hood.

1. Build mailing list

Adding constituents: You now have three ways to add and remove constituents for your mailing:

  1. Search (same as before)
  2. Individual additions (new)
  3. Individual removals (new)

Exclusions: You now see and manage your exclusions on the same tab as where you create your mailing list. In the previous version, you managed exclusions on a summary page (which appeared both at the start of creating a mailing and on the final page).

Review constituents: The other really nice improvement in this area is that we now show you the list of recipients who will receive your mailing.

2. Letter, labels & envelopes

You still set up letters using one of three options:

  • A Word document using the letter_content "super" merge field
  • A Word document with all merge fields entered manually into the Word doc
  • The LGL Editor (an onscreen editor with merge fields you can add with a single click)

What's different is that we're now defaulting to using a Word document with the letter_content field. See #1 in the screenshot below. Customers who have used this approach have enjoyed the best of both worlds: 

(a) the power of Word to embed letterhead, footers and sidebars, and
(b) the simplicity of pulling in merge fields with a simple click

If you would like to pull in an existing template or use the LGL Editor to create your letter, you can still do that by choosing from the template dropdown. See #2 in the screenshot below. At any point, you can re-set the template you want to use for your letter by choosing a template from the dropdown.

3. Mailing options

In the previous version of mailings, before you even selected recipients, we popped up a screen where we asked you to name your mailing and select options. Now, that is done in the third step. Importantly, we do immediately begin saving your mailing in the new approach, so even if you don't get to step 3 or forget to name your mailing, it will still be saved. 

4.Review, download & print

The final steps to complete a mailing are done in step 4, which is now built into the mailing workflow. In the previous version, you would save your mailing and then land on a summary page, which felt a bit disjointed.

As you are starting to see throughout LGL, we highlight in blue the action we expect most customers will take next, namely to download their merged files for printing.

We have also more clearly exposed the "Recipients" section of the mailing summary. This is a very cool and powerful part of mailings where you can edit individual letters inside LGL prior to downloading and printing. 

Watch the overview video here:

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