Acknowledgments: Feb 2016 updates

For a closely related topic, see  Mailings: what's new (Feb 2016).

New acknowledgment features

This article provides an overview of the updates we made to Acknowledgments in February 2016. Along with the changes to Mailings, we've included a number of improvements to how you manage Acknowledgments in LGL.

As a brief bit of background for reading this article, please remember that acknowledgment mailings are different from general mailings in that acknowledgments are always tied to gifts. 

Acknowledgment templates

1. The first change you'll notice is that we have split out Acknowledgment templates from other types of mailing templates. In the past we required that you set up a template and then choose the Acknowledgment category. Now, you will make that choice from the start, which we think is a bit clearer. 

2. Secondly, to create a new template, you will now start by choosing whether you want to create a template based on a Word docx file, or if you want to create a template using our LGL Editor (which generates PDF letters). Again, we hope this is a bit clearer.

Once you've selected they type of acknowledgment template you want to create, the process of setting up the template follows the new approach that's part of our overall Mailings updates. See our article Mailings: what's new (Feb 2016) for more details on that.

The Acknowledgments area

In the Acknowledgments area itself, there are a couple of things to notice:

1. You can still get to your acknowledgment queue by going through the Mailings tab, but you'll notice that you are actually now being re-directed to the Fundraising tab. This simply reflects that fact that we wanted to more closely associate acknowledgments with gifts.

2. We've also moved the "Unacknowledged" view from the Giving area of Fundraising to the Acknowledgments area. 

Unacknowledged Gifts

In the Unacknowledged Gifts area, you can now bulk update sets of gifts to assign them to a given acknowledgment template. In the past, you could only do bulk assigning via the Flex Importer. Note that the date associated with the bulk assigned acknowledgments will be "today's" date.

We have had many questions about how to handle gifts that don't need to be acknowledged through LGL. Now you can mark gifts in that way, either in bulk, or one by one.

The screenshot below shows the Unacknowledged Gifts area where you can assign acknowledgment templates either:

  • In bulk, or
  • One by one  

Do not acknowledge via LGL

You can also set a gift as not needing to be acknowledged via LGL on the Gift entry form:

Acknowledgments via email

There have not been any significant changes to how email-based acknowledgments work, except that we've split out acknowledgment templates from other general types of templates (just as we did for physical letter acknowledgments).

If you're not sure how to set up your LGL account to send email, please start at the article  Setting up your LGL account to send email.

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