Tracking opens and click thrus of emails sent via SendGrid

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Viewing email tracking data

If you've enabled the SendGrid integration to send emails directly from LGL, you automatically have the ability to see the open status and the clickthough data of those emails in LGL.

Details about the number of emails that have been opened and clicked through can be viewed in the Mailings > Emails > Sent emails tab by email bulk email sent:

Note that each email sent will have only one status associated with it. Initially, it will be listed as Sent (if deliverable). Once the email has been opened or read, the status will change to Opened. If a link within the email has been clicked, then the email status will change to Clicked. 

Additional email statuses include the following:

Viewing details of individual emails

Details on the individual emails sent can be viewed in the Send and Review screen:

You can also search for individual constituents in the mailing or sort the list of recipients by email status using the dropdown box located at the top of the Recipients section. 

Searching the tracking data

You can also see the tracking data from within LGL. To do this, go to the Constituents tab and search on LGL email status:

Now choose which type/s of tracking you want to see data on:

Once you select the option/s you want, click the blue Select button and then click Search. You'll see the number of constituents who have that data associated with email they received in your search results.

If you want to search on tracking data for opened emails from this fiscal year, you can do so by structuring your search like this:

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