Events upgrade Fall 2016

December 12, 2016

We've just released a significant upgrade to the Events area in LGL. It's available now to all LGL accounts. 

What's new

There are two significant changes, each of which have a number of related benefits.

1. Customizable column view of event invitees
2. The ability to track "additional guests" without needing to add them as constituents

We describe each of these sets of changes in more detail below.

1. Customizable column view of event invitees

With the upgrade, you can choose to view your event's attendees in a column view, which you can customize to show any event-related fields you want. In the screenshot below, for example, we're showing RSVP status, attendance status, and meal preference for the event. Note that each of the available columns is sortable.

New view

Quick export

A related benefit of the new column view is that we now offer a quick export of the information in your columns. This is very handy for generating reports about your event or to create a registration sheet to bring to your event.

Compare the two views

You can compare the new column view above to the previous (classic) view below. Note that the giving information shown below is for the constituent overall, not just for the event. The classic view is also not customizable and takes up much more room on the page.

Classic view

We have also reduced the number of filters you see in events. In the classic view, we show the same set of constituent category filters in the Event page as you see on the Constituents tab. Now we're showing only those filters that are directly relevant to the event. 

New filter list Classic filter list
Only event-related filters All constituent filters

2. The ability to track "additional guests" without needing to add them as constituents

You can now track guests who are invited to your event, even if they are not constituents. In the past you could record guests in a text box within an event invitation, but it was difficult to generate a full report of who was coming to your event and also to track custom event fields for those guests.

With the new "additional guest" tracking feature, you can create an invitation record for every person coming to your event, including spouses, table guests, to-be-named guests, etc. And you can use your custom fields for every guest, whether they're a constituent or not. This makes it much simpler to track how many meals have been ordered and also makes it possible to print out a complete registration sheet and name tags for all of your guests.

To turn on additional guest tracking in an event, simply edit the event and check the box.

We describe the Additional Guest feature in its entirety in a separate article, Optional event setting: Tracking additional guests.

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