An update to the LGL dashboard

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We have updated the LGL dashboard to allow you to visualize your gift and pledge data in graphical charts. We’ve also expanded your ability to customize the layout and placement of widgets on your dashboard. 

The dashboard widgets from the original LGL dashboard are all available in the new version. For a description of the original dashboard widgets, please refer to this help article.  

What has changed?

A notification that new charts and graphs are available

When you sign into your LGL account and view your dashboard, you may notice right away that it looks a little different. The usual widgets are present, but there is also a notification that new charts and graphs are available. You’ll see these new widgets when you customize the dashboard.

NOTE: You can close this notification by clicking the “x” next to it.

When you click the Customize Dashboard button, you can identify the new widgets by the presence of a chart or a graph icon next to each one. 

If you select the checkbox next to any of these options, it will appear in the top right of your dashboard. 

Moving things around

Whenever you “edit” your dashboard options in Customize mode, the widgets will be outlined in green. This means you have the ability to resize and rearrange them into one, two, or three columns (depending on the size capacity of each widget).

Read more about how this works in the “Enjoy new power and flexibility in how you arrange your dashboard” section later in this article.

Remember to click the Save button anytime you make changes to your dashboard that you want to keep.

3 new graph-based widgets (and 1 updated widget)

We have added these three new widgets and one updated widget that enable you to visualize your giving data in the form of a chart or graph:

  • Total Raised by Month, Year over Year
  • Total Raised by Type and Year
  • Total Raised by Type and Month
  • Pledge Summary by Year of Pledge

A screenshot of each widget and a description of the data it displays and how it works is included below.

NOTE: It is not possible to customize any of these widgets beyond what the buttons available in each allow.

Total Raised by Month, Year over Year

This widget compares the sum of gifts and pledge balance by month for the current year and prior two years.

Total Raised by Type and Year

The total giving for each year is broken out by gift and pledge balance as well as the donor total for each year. You can remove giving types by clicking on the series name (Gift, Pledge Balance, or Donor Count) at the bottom of the chart.

TIP: Total Raised by Type and Year with Donor Count is a great chart to give to your board of trustees every month. 

Total Raised by Type and Month

This widget displays total giving for each month, broken out by gift and pledge balance. You can scroll the slider underneath the chart back and forth to change the time period reflected, making it shorter or as long as up to five years ago. To move the slider, grab one or the other end and drag it. 

Click on either the Gift or Pledge Balance series name to add or remove one or the other type of data to or from the chart.

Pledge Summary by Year of Pledge

The “Pledge Summary by Year of Pledge” widget, which existed in the previous version of the dashboard, has been updated so that it can now be viewed as either a table or a chart. (To change the widget back to a table, click the Switch to Table button.)

This widget includes the amount pledged by year broken out by pledge balance. You can use the toggle on the top left filter to view all pledges, only open pledges, or only closed pledges.

Enjoy new power and flexibility in how you arrange your dashboard

You now have much more power and flexibility in how you organize or reorganize your dashboard than was previously available. In the old version, you could move widgets around only within the column the widget already existed in, and only two columns were available.

In the new version, you can resize widgets and move them to any of three columns, left, center, or right. All the widgets have their own minimum width, so you can widen any of them to fit (depending on the amount of data the widget is displaying) and position them according to your preference. 

To move a widget, click the Customize Dashboard button on your dashboard. Then drag the widget and drop it in the new location.

NOTE: You may need to drag a widget and drop it a number of times to move it a large distance—from the bottom of your dashboard to the top, for example. 

To resize a widget, use the caret in the lower right corner of any widget to drag it to a larger or smaller size:

Will team members see the dashboard you customize?

As with the previous version of the dashboard, once you make your customized selections to the layout and choose which widgets you want to include your customizations will be visible only to you.