LGL Training: Creating customized tax statements in LGL (57:51) Jan 2019

Recording of the webinar presented January 24, 2019, on how to produce end-of-year tax letters in LGL.

Outline of steps covered in webinar:

  1. Review which donors gave last year, noting:
    1. gift type
    2. count of donors
    3. deductible amount vs overall gift amount
  2. Prepare Letter or Email template
    1. Example letter in LGL accounts (create Clone for yourself)
    2. Contents of Word file can be copied into an Email
    3. Letter approach
      1. Print on your own letterhead, or add an image to the Word doc
      2. Customize text as you’d like, including the footer text
      3. Review of merge fields in letter:
        1. date
        2. address_block
        3. salutation
        4. gifts.2018.total
        5. gifts.2018.deductible_total
        6. gifts.2018.list
    4. Email approach
      1. Same as above but in Email template
  3. Create Mailing (or Email)
    1. Start from a list of Constituents (search result)
    2. Click Send Mail or Send Email to begin mailing
    3. Review recipients
    4. Select template
    5. Add a name for the mailing
    6. Review, Print and Send (and mark Sent)

Note the difference between acknowledgment mailings and standard mailings.