Add fundraising goals for major gifts or grants

An individual fundraising goal represents a major gift contribution (or grant) that you want to pursue. By adding a goal, you can improve your ability to plan.

To add a goal, click on the Add goal button on the Dashboard, Fundraising tab, or from the constituent details page.


On the Goal form you can set the constituent (if not already set) and the ask amount, as well as the due date, and the team member who owns the proposal. You can also add related tasks and assign owners for those, which is useful for planning and tracking required activity for completing the goal.

Moves Management: You can use the Status field to indicate progress toward the goal. Define your own statuses in Settings / Menu Items / Gift menu items and then editing the list of values under Goal status.


Goals can also be used for grant proposals, just set the constituent to the foundation or other granting organization.

You can search for and export Goals using Filters and Advanced Search criteria.

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