Activity overview

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Activity in LGL is all gift information, plus tasks, contact reports, notes, documents, comments, and mailings. The Activity tab provides views into all of your contact reports, tasks, notes, and volunteering information.

Activity terminology

The following definitions may be useful when thinking about activities:

  • Tasks: Tasks are to-do items that can be scheduled and assigned to any LGL user. They can be connected to a constituent, or they can exist as standalone tasks. You can add documents and comments to any task. Task types are customizable and are available for filtering any list of activity. While completing a task, you can add a contact report.

  • Contact reports: Contact reports usually involve some kind of meaningful direct contact or interaction with a constituent, particularly when it is related to fundraising activity. For example, email messages to or from, or the results of a phone call with the constituent, would ideally be captured as a contact report. You can add follow-up tasks to a contact report while creating it. Contact report types are the same as task types, and are available for filtering any list of activity.

  • Documents: You can upload files in connection with a constituent’s record, or a task, or almost anything like that. You can also create web documents that can be edited and updated online using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor.

  • Notes: You can add notes to constituents about a variety of things. Typical usage would be things like noting the date when an address changed or recording a quote from a constituent about your organization. Notes can have customizable types, which are available for filtering on any list of activity.

  • Volunteering: Track volunteering commitments and time for any constituent. Volunteering information is listed in the Related activity section for each constituent and is summarized on individual constituent records where applicable.

Constituent activity

At the constituent level, the Related activity section provides a view into your entire history with a constituent, the types of activities described above, as well as individual gift records, mailings, and uploaded documents.