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Little Green Light includes a basic document management system, which is accessible from the Activity tab.

You can upload files in connection with a constituent’s record, or a task, or almost anything like that. You can also create web documents that can be edited and updated online using a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") HTML editor.

Adding documents

To add a new document from the Documents tab, click on the Add document button and make your selection from the available options:

Adding a document directly to a constituent record

To add a document to a constituent record, navigate to the record and scroll down to the Activity section. Then click More actions > Upload a file to add the document, as shown here:

Document categories

If you would like to store different types of documents, you can add categories to classify each document. You'll then be able to filter by those categories. This is a great way to see all the proposals you have submitted, for example. You can add new categories in Settings > Menu Items > Other menu items.

Searching for constituents with documents attached to their record

You can search for documents attached to specific constituent records, by date or by document category, from the Advanced Search area of the Constituents page, as shown here:

"Sticky" documents

Documents are listed in descending order based on their last updated date by default. However, if you want some documents to remain at or near the top of your documents, you can make them sticky by clicking on their  star icon, as shown here:

Document versioning

File attachments and web documents both support versioning (the creation of and the tracking of changes to multiple versions of a document). With file attachments, you can upload a new version of your file or document at any time. With web documents, a new version is created each time you update the document.

File upload limits

You can upload any kind of file that is less than 10MB in size.

Searching for constituents by the documents that are attached to their record

You can search for constituents by the documents attached to their record, by date or by document category, from the  Advanced Search area of the Constituents page, as shown here: