Customize the look and feel of your forms with Themes

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Themes allow you to customize some of the look and feel of your forms. For instance, by default, forms are displayed without any header information or background color, and everything is displayed with a simple black/white color scheme.

With a theme, you can add a header (with an image), change the background color of the form page, change all of the font colors (as well as the font itself), and several other things like that. A theme can then be applied to any form to give it a custom look/feel.

Create a theme

To create a new theme that you want to use for one or more LGL forms, click the Design tab in LGL Forms, and then click the Add new theme button:

Choose a name for your theme:

Your theme will be created and be available to edit.

Each theme is created with standard default settings. But if you want to design a theme that will match the look and feel of your website, for instance, you have the option to do so and you’ll be able to then apply it to one or more forms.

Customize the header

Once you’ve created your theme, you can make selections for how your form’s header will look, including:

  • Text and text alignment
  • Font color and size
  • Background color
  • Whether you want an image and in what size (see “Add an image to a theme” for details)

Or you can choose to hide the header if you don’t need it by clicking the "Hide for header?" checkbox.

Customize the form body elements

When you’re ready to design the form body, click the Form body tab.

All of these styles are pre-set with defaults, so you can update only the ones that matter to you.

To access any of the design options, click the down arrow and make your selection.

Form body design options and what each is used for

  • Font: Font for the whole form
  • Form Title Color: Color of the form title
  • Section Description Color: Color of the description of a section heading
  • Page Background Color: Color of the webpage behind the form
  • Label Color: Color of the description name of the field (such as “Name,” “Email,” or “Phone”)
  • Input Note Color: The descriptive text underneath a standard input field
  • Form Background: Color of the form itself
  • Sub Label Color: Color of any sub-label, such as first name, last name, city, state
  • Radio Label Color: Color of the text next to each radio button, describing the selection
  • Form Border Style: Allows you to make your forms look snazzier by adding a drop shadow
  • Section Heading Color: Color of the main section heading text
  • Checkbox Label Color: Color of the text next to each checkbox, describing the selection

To preview how your selections will look in your live form, scroll down to the Preview Theme area.

Design your Submit button

To choose how your form’s Submit button will look, go to the Design tab in LGL Forms and click into the Submit button tab:

Here you can choose the color of the button itself and the button text.

You can click the Save button at any point to save your work. When you’ve made all the design selections you need, click the Save & Finish button.

Add an image to your theme

In the LGL Forms Design tab, you have the option to upload images that you want to use in one or more themes.

Assuming your image is in a folder on your hard drive, you can browse to the image and choose it, so the name of the image appears in the uploader. Then make sure to click the Upload image button to save it.

Now your image will be visible in your Themes images folder:

Now you can add it to any theme from the Logo Image dropdown as you’re either creating or editing any theme:

Apply your theme to your form

When you’re ready to update your form with your new theme, go to the Forms tab. For the form you want to add the theme to, choose the theme from the dropdown menu: