Mapping class-year fields

Important information

LGL offers a carefully designed data framework for schools, which is available when you activate the "School setting" in your account, on the Settings > Subscription settings > General page. The framework uses two bits of information: 

  • A "Class affiliation" 
  • A "Class affiliation Grad. Year"

This design works really well when you accept the data framework and add all alumni, for example, into LGL as Class Affiliation = Student and Class Affiliation Grad Year = 1985 (for example). If you ignore this framework and want all students currently in school to have an affiliation of "Student" while those from years past have an affiliation of "Alumni", you will need to manually change every single student's record to "Alumni" when they graduate; there is no bulk update available for this change. Using LGL's methodology will save you time and reduce errors.

Required fields

Both the Class Affiliation and Class Affiliation Grad. Year (must be a 4-digit year) fields are required.

Special fields

No special fields are available.


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