Enabling automatic soft-crediting by relationship types

Many different types of menu options are customizable from Settings > Menu Items, including  Constituent menu items, Constituent relationshipsGift menu items, Contact information menu items, and Other menu items. 

In this article, we'll review how to customize Constituent relationships and enable automatic soft crediting of gifts for certain relationship types:

Relationship types allow you to assign possible relationship values and their reciprocal relationship value (i.e., brother/sister, husband/wife, and so on) to records in LGL. A few sample relationship values are provided with your LGL account, but you can add custom values by clicking on the Add Value button in the Relationship Type window.

When adding (or editing) a relationship value, you can select the category of relationship (family, relative, work, other), name the value and set the reciprocal type:

Once you've selected the Reciprocal Type, you'll have the option to set up automatic soft-crediting of gifts for that relationship type:

Let's review what that will look like once you've enabled the setting and you're entering a gift for a constituent who has a reciprocal relationship with a "spouse"-type record:

Because we had enabled the Constituent Relationship type "spouse" to automatically soft-credit a record with a reciprocal relationship type of "spouse", Carol Brady's record has automatically populated in the Related gifts section of the gift record. 

Note: You must fill in the Related gift amount in order to save the soft-credit in Carol's record. 

If, for any reason, you do not wish to have that gift be soft-credited to the spouse, you can simply click the red "x" to remove it.

All imported gifts that come into your LGL account whether it be via the Flex Importer, LGL Forms, or integrations) will be soft-credited automatically when the relationship type setting has been enabled.

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