Customize the look and feel of LGL

NOTE: We’re excited to announce that LGL has a fresh new look available. In the next several months, we will be moving all accounts to this new look. But you can get a head start by turning on the new look now. Here's a preview.

To update the current look and feel of your LGL account, please follow the instructions below.

Anyone with administrator-level permissions can customize the look and feel of your Little Green Light account for all users by going to the Settings > Subscription Settings page and selecting the Look & feel submenu:

From here, you can:

  • Choose to enable the new look and feel
  • Upload a logo to display in place of your organization name
  • Choose a navigation style (tabbed or smooth)
  • Select a color scheme to use (6 options available)

NOTE:  The logo will be resized to fit within the following dimensions: 300 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (300x60). For best results, we recommend using a logo with dark text and a transparent background.