WealthEngine integration

What is WealthEngine?

For over 20 years, WealthEngine has helped nonprofit clients in the United States and the United Kingdom build a complete picture of the people they already know and to find new people they would like to get to know. They help their clients identify individuals with the net worth, income, lifestyle, and affinity to become their next top donor.
For more information on WealthEngine and to set up a demo or sales call, please visit the WealthEngine website.

How does the integration work?

LGL offers an "authenticated linking" WealthEngine integration. This means that you put your WealthEngine username and password into the fields in LGL and a "WealthEngine" button will appear on constituent search results and constituent pages. Clicking this button will take you directly to WealthEngine so you can review the constituent/donor details in your WealthEngine account.

To set up the integration

Log into your LGL account and go to Settings > Integration Settings > WealthEngine. Then enter the Username and Password for your WealthEngine account: