Why is there an "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert on my dashboard?

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What is the "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert for?

Before we explain the purpose of the "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert that you may see on your dashboard, it's important to understand what LGL means by acknowledged versus unacknowledged gifts. The difference is:

  • A gift with an acknowledgment template assigned is defined as acknowledged, whereas
  • A gift without an acknowledgment template assigned is defined as unacknowledged.

So if you see the "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert on your dashboard, this means there are gifts in your LGL database that do not have an acknowledgment template assigned:

Using the alert to acknowledge your unacknowledged gifts

When you see the alert, you have the option to click on the linked alert text to be taken directly to the queue of unacknowledged gifts, where you will be able to add an acknowledgment template to them:

From here, if one or more acknowledgment templates exist in your account that can be used to acknowledge the gifts, you will be able to assign it/them either individually or in bulk to your unacknowledged gifts:

In the screenshot above, please note the following items:

1. The search is automatically set to look for unacknowledged gifts from this fiscal year. The alert on the dashboard also, by default, shows unacknowledged gifts only from this fiscal year. If you want to see unacknowledged gifts from other dates, you can adjust the search.

2. The "Acknowledgment Template" dropdown at the top of the search results displaying your unacknowledged gifts gives you the option to set a single acknowledgment in bulk for all of your unacknowledged gifts. You can select the acknowledgment template from the dropdown

3. Now click the blue "Update X gifts" to set that template for all of the gifts.

4. You also have the option to set an acknowledgment template on an individual basis, by choosing the template you want to use from the "Set acknowledgment" dropdown for each individual gift

Once you have assigned an acknowledgment template to each unacknowledged gift, the "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert should disappear from your dashboard.

Updating your "Unacknowledged Gifts" alert settings

If you no longer want to see this alert or if you want to receive the alert by email in addition to seeing it on your dashboard, you can make changes to the alert by clicking the "Customize dashboard" button and unchecking the box, as shown below:

From here, you can select the options you prefer for either receiving or not receiving notifications when there are unacknowledged gifts in your account: