Mapping from LGL Forms to events with additional guests

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If you've set up your event in LGL to track additional guests, it is also possible to map an LGL form to your event to include those additional guests. This article walks you through a simple example of a form and how to map it to LGL.

This example form allows registrants the opportunity to register additional guests (see sections B and C in the screenshots below):

Map the fields

The mapping for the primary registrant (A) is similar to what you would do for any event, using an Event field to capture the event-related fields for this constituent: 

To record the two guests (from sections B and C in the screenshots above), you would do the following for each additional guest mapping to ensure the data comes in correctly:

  • Add an additional event field mapping for each additional guest (click the green button at the top of your form mapping page to add a new field)
  • Map the first and last name fields for the guests (e.g., "Guest Name - First Name" to "Guest First Name" and "Guest Name - Last Name" to "Guest Last Name")
  • Add the following defaults:
    •  "Is a guest?" = "Yes"
    • "Gen. event name" = The name of your event (already set up as an event in your LGL account)
    • "RSVP status" = "Yes"
  • Add a record-level rule and set it so that the guest name is passed through only if the name field is populated. This can be accomplished by setting up an “only apply if Guest Name - Last name is not blank” conditional default

    NOTE: The record-level rule name field that is set to “is not blank” will need to reflect the specific guest you are mapping. For example, if you are mapping the second guest and your form field uses the phrase Second Guest Name, as in this example, the record-level rule would be set up to “only apply if the Second Guest Name -  Last Name is not blank” 

View a sample form submission

To see how this would look with actual data, here's an example form submission:

This is how this data will look in an event in LGL. (NOTE: The event has additional guests enabled.)