How do I update my letter or acknowledgment template?

To update an MS Word letter or acknowledgment template, you'll need to save the Word document that is used in the template to your computer (or if you uploaded it from your computer, you can update the version on your computer), make whatever changes you want to that document, and then save the document on your computer. 

Go to Mailings > Ack. Letter Templates or Mailings > Letter Templates, and click the Edit button for the template you want to update:

Click the Upload a new file button (this button may have a different name, such as "Browse", depending on which Internet browser you are using), and navigate to the updated version of your template document that you just saved to your computer. 

Choose the Word document you just updated. Then save your template. 

Go back to your mailing and click the Sample button to see what your letter looks like. You should see the changes reflected there.

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