What is an LGL Merge Field and how it is used?

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What is an LGL Merge Field?

An LGL Merge Field is a placeholder for a specific value from your database.

How is an LGL Merge Field used?

Merge fields are used in LGL letter or acknowledgment templates in place of such data values as date, salutation, and gift amount.

Your completed letter template is added to your mailing * as you are creating it, and the data you have identified using the merge fields is pulled in as the mailing is generated.

All LGL Merge Fields are listed in a PDF that you can open from your Mailings > Templates page:


The Merge Field Reference contains all available LGL Merge Fields. No matter which merge field you use, you need to make sure that it matches that in the Merge Field Reference character for character. If it doesn’t match, the data will not be brought into your letter because LGL will not recognize the field name.

* Merge fields are available elsewhere in LGL, for example, in LGL emails, but using them in that case involves clicking on the merge field to add it to your email content. In that scenario, the merge field works in the same way, by bringing specific data from your constituent or gift records into the email.

Tips for using LGL Merge Fields

1) Make sure you are using square brackets, not angled ones:

For example:

use [[address_block]]

not <<address_block>>

2) Whenever you type merge fields into a Microsoft Word document template, make sure you type them exactly as they appear in the Merge Field Reference (this includes using lowercase letters, square rather than angled brackets, not using any capitalized letters, etc).

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