How can I search for everyone who signed up for my newsletter?

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If you used an LGL form to collect signups for your newsletter, you can search for those constituents in the Constituents tab.

NOTE: This does not apply to newsletter signups that you have collected in any other way except by using an LGL form.

To find those who signed up for your newsletter through your LGL form, go to the Constituents tab and search on “LGL Forms”:

Click the Select button to choose the form you’re searching on, and click the Search button to see your search results.

How to tell if your newsletter subscribers came into LGL through an LGL form

If you don't know whether your newsletter subscribers came into LGL through an LGL form, you can go to your LGL Forms account and look at your forms to see if there is a newsletter signup form:

If you have an active newsletter signup form and there are submissions included in the Submissions column, it's likely your newsletter subscribers came in through this form. This means you'd be able to search for them using the search explained above.