Integrating with MarketSmart's Fundraising Report Card to visualize giving patterns

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When you integrate your Little Green Light account with the MarketSmart Fundraising Report Card, you'll receive instant access to a visualization tool for analyzing your organization's giving history. A free tier of access is available, as well as upgrade options.

Read more about what the Fundraising Report Card offers.

How to integrate

To turn on the integration, go to Settings > Integration Settings, and click on the Fundraising Report Card link on the left side of the page.

Then check the box to enable the Fundraising Report Card integration (see below). You'll have to wait a minute or two while we prepare your initial sync file.

After this, you'll be able to click the blue Connect your account now button to establish the integration (see below).

Once you complete this step, you'll be taken to your Fundraising Report Card account. It's a very intuitive interface, and support is available if you have questions.

Integration notes

How the integration works (in a nutshell)

The Fundraising Report Card is a set of automated graphs that are generated based on a data file. The data file coming from LGL contains three columns of data: 
  1. LGL Constituent ID
  2. Gift date
  3. Gift amount

LGL sends over all of your gift entries (these are literally gift entries with the gift type of "Gift"). Note that there is no personally identifiable information being sent. In your Fundraising Report Card account, you'll see a Data Center area. This is where files from LGL are stored. 

Once you turn on this integration, LGL creates a new file every night. However, it does not push over to your Fundraising Report Card automatically. To pull in the latest file, go to your Fundraising Report Card account and find the Integrations tab. From there, navigate to the Little Green Light area and click the Update button.

Once you click the button, allow a few minutes for your Fundraising Report Card to retrieve the latest file from your LGL account.

Your next step is to go to the Data Center section and tell your Fundraising Report Card to use the new file:

Terminology differences

There are a few terminology differences between LGL and the Fundraising Report Card. These terms sound similar but mean different things in LGL versus in the Fundraising Report Card.

Little Green Light terms Fundraising Report Card terms
By default, a lapsed donor is a donor who gave, but not within the past 18 months (the length of time can be set by admins in their LGL accounts) Lapsed donors are individuals who made a contribution last year but did not renew this year.
LGL Forms refers to a recurring donation as any donation that re-occurs on a schedule (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.) Recurring donors are individuals who made contributions for at least 3 consecutive months.

For help using the Fundraising Report Card, please see the  Fundraising Report Card Help Center.