Managing the communications you receive from Little Green Light

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How do I manage LGL communications?

Your communication preferences allow you to manage the types and frequency of communications you receive from Little Green Light from within your account. You can choose to receive news as it's published and/or receive the news in a monthly digest format.

Upon authenticating their credentials for the first time, all new users are automatically subscribed to our News and Product Update articles. However, if you would like to remove your name from this subscriber list, you can do so at any time by changing your subscription preferences from your My profile page.

How can I access the LGL blog article archive?

You can browse and search for LGL blog topics here

For the most recent LGL communications, click the "What's New" link with the green button next to it that appears in the upper corner of any LGL account page. Whenever new content is available for you, this link is here. When you have already accessed the content, the link disappears until the next time there is an update.