How Little Green Light subscriptions are billed

Every Little Green Light account begins with an initial 30-day free period. To continue using an LGL account after the 30-day free period, you need to subscribe to the service (you can do this even after the 30 days are over; your data will not be deleted until a few months have passed with no subscription). When you subscribe, you'll be asked to choose your payment method and length of time you're pre-buying (based on your current subscription rate):

Estimated months
Discount Available payment methods
1 0% Credit card, ACH
3 2.5% Credit card, ACH
6 5% Credit card, ACH, check
12 10% Credit card, ACH, check

Subscription fees are based on the tier corresponding to the number of constituent records in your account (a constituent record is any individual or organization for which you've created a record).

# of constituents Monthly rate
0 to 2,500 $39
2,501 to 5,000 $49
5,001 to 10,000 $59
10,001 to 20,000 $69
20,001 to 30,000 $79
30,001 to 40,000 $89

LGL can support accounts with up to 200,000 records. Continuing from the chart above, the monthly rate increases by $10 for each additional 10,000 constituent records added to your account.

The tier for your account can increase or decrease. For example, if the number of constituents in your account increases from 2400 to 2600, your account has crossed into the next tier.

How does changing tiers affect your subscription?

We keep track of your account tier each month, and we charge you based on that tier. If you've prepaid for a multi-month time period, we deduct from your balance. If your account is in a higher tier than the one it started in, the larger monthly deductions will reduce the length of your subscription. Conversely, if you paid a subscription based on a higher tier and then it dropped to a lower tier, the smaller monthly deductions will increase the length of your subscription.

Accounts are credited for the gross amount

On the Billing & payment page in your account, you can look at the Payment history tab to see both the credits added to your account from payments and the charges assessed for the monthly fees. The key thing to notice is that we calculate both the credits and the charges at the gross level of payment, not the discounted level. For example, a pre-payment for 12 months costs $421.20 but is actually credited for the gross amount of $468 (12 x $39). We then assess the base rate monthly charge for the tier (i.e., $39). If you pay monthly, there is no discount, so the amount you pay is the same as the gross amount.


1. An account that moves into a higher tier

January: Customer subscribes based on the 2500 tier.

February: Customer pays the invoice for a 12-month pre-payment at the discounted rate, $421.20.

March: The account increases to the next tier of 5000 constituents, and subscription fee increases from $39/month to $49/month.

November: The subscription payment has been depleted and a new invoice is issued, meaning the original subscription payment did not last 12 months.

2. An account that moves to a lower tier

January: Customer subscribes based on the 5000 tier and pays for a 12-month pre-payment at the discounted rate of $529.20. 

March: The account moves into the lower tier of 2500 constituents, so the subscription fee decreases to $39/month.  

December: $100 remains from the original paid subscription credited amount, so LGL won't issue an invoice for another two months, meaning the original subscription payment covered more than one year of usage.

If you change tiers, a negative amount will display on your next invoice

When you change tiers, we deduct the new monthly fee amount from your balance. When your balance reaches zero or below, we issue your next invoice. So your account will be in a negative position when your next subscription invoice is generated.

On your next invoice, you'll see this negative amount carried over as a line item.