How can I print mailing labels?

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How labels are created in LGL

In order to generate mailing labels within Little Green Light, it is first necessary to create a mailing. The mailing is a framework containing the constituent name and contact information for those whom you are sending your communication to, in addition to other details. This framework allows you to send a letter or just envelopes or just labels.

When you have created your mailing, you can then choose for it to have labels, letters, and envelopes, just labels, or just envelopes. It’s not required to use a letter or envelopes in any given mailing. So whenever you want to create a set of labels only, create a mailing but don’t include a letter or envelopes within it.

Adding labels to your mailing

First search for the set of constituents you are sending your labels to, and then create the mailing. To create your labels, in step 2 of the mailing choose to add labels by selecting the Print labels checkbox, as shown below.

Once you have done this, the labels will be ready to print from the final step in the mailing builder. You can see where to preview a sample of or download all of your labels when you click  4. Review, download & print along the top of the screen:

Create labels quickly and simply

An even faster, easier way to create labels is by searching for the recipients you want to send to from the Constituents tab, clicking the Send mail button to the upper right of the Advanced Search area, and then clicking Print labels, as shown here:

This will take you straight to the label creation step in your mailing, where you can preview and customize your labels as needed. Saving these values as a mailing is still required.

Sorting your labels by ZIP code

It is possible to sort your mailing labels by ZIP code in two ways:

  • In LGL, by checking an option in the mailing
  • In Excel, by sorting on the ZIP code column

To sort the mailing labels by ZIP code within your LGL mailing, navigate to 3. Mailing options screen of your mailing and check the Sort by postal code box, as shown here:

If you want to export the constituents and their mailing addresses, you also have the option to sort them in your export spreadsheet by sorting on the "ZIP/Postal code" column within Excel.

Please note: All of the sorting described above simply sorts according to the ZIP code column. No grouping is done, so the processes described above might play only a small part in any "pre-sort" work done in preparation for trying to get Bulk Mail discounts through USPS. LGL does not offer Bulk Mail pre-sort services.