For land trusts: Sync LGL with your Landscape account

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LANDSCAPE is cloud-based software that helps land trusts and conservation groups manage and steward tracts of land. 

How does the integration work?

In a nutshell, the integration keeps contact information between the two databases in sync. Each constituent record in Little Green Light needs to be linked to its counterpart record in LANDSCAPE. From that point on, any updates made to address, email, or phone in one system are automatically synced to the other.

The integration uses a token that you generate in your LGL account and drop into your LANDSCAPE account.

If your LANDSCAPE account doesn't yet contain data, the integration is a great way to populate it with contacts. Once your LGL account is integrated with LANDSCAPE, a new constituent category named "LANDSCAPE Status" will appear in LGL. The data for any constituent set to "Sync" within that category will be synced to your LANDSCAPE account.

LANDSCAPE offers a complete guide to using the integration in their Knowledge Base. 

Getting started

You need both a Little Green Light account and a LANDSCAPE account to be able to set up the integration. If you don't yet have both, be sure you set up them up first.

Then go to Settings > Integration Settings in your LGL account and activate the token for LANDSCAPE (see screenshot below). Take this token to your LANDSCAPE account and follow these instructions