Formatting your phone number data

Phone number data can arrive in your account in different formats. Your account settings offer you the option to select a single format for all of your phone numbers, which is applied regardless of how the data comes in, whether through a data migration, an LGL form submission, or manually. Once it is saved, the formatting is applied so that the phone number will display in the format you selected.

To activate this setting, go to the Settings page in your account and click Subscription Settings. Then scroll down the page to the “Phone number display format” option and make your selection:

It doesn’t matter where the data came from, how it came in, or whether it was manually entered, we normalize the phone numbers to the best of our ability and if there are ten digits in the number, it will be formatted based on the selection you choose.

If the number can’t be cleaned up or formatted, it displays as it was entered. This applies to European phone numbers, for example, which LGL would not update the formatting for.