Updating a constituent record when there's been a divorce or separation

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This article covers how to update a constituent record for a couple when there's a divorce or separation. Here we're assuming that you've been managing the couple in a single constituent record. If you've been managing the household through two records with a relationship between them, then the solution is simply to update their relationship.

In the case where you have a single record for a couple, and that couple is getting divorced or separating, you can clone the record and end up with a separate record for each member of the former couple.

Updating a joint constituent record in the event of a divorce or separation

To update a joint record to reflect a change in status reflecting a divorce or separation, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the constituent record, click the More actions button, and choose Clone constituent.
  2. Choose to generate "soft credits" for the new (cloned) record. This way you'll preserve the couple's giving history on both records. The original record will continue to show the giving with Gift Type as Gift, and the new one will reflect the gifts using Gift Type - Soft Credits. Then set the relationship appropriately to and from the new constituent. The relationship could be "divorced spouse/partner".
  3. The new record should have the Contact Type set to "Primary" just like the original record. Make sure that the new record is not set to share contact information with the original record, assuming the home address and phone number are no longer shared.
  4. In both the original record and the new record, make sure the name fields (first, last, salutation, addressee, annual report, etc.) are set appropriately for each person.
  5. Update any other tags, groups, and other values on both records. For example, if one is not an alum, you won't want them flagged as such. You can make all of these updates in the newly cloned record.
  6. If you have any pledges with installments due, review those carefully. You may need to manually adjust them.