Change to new framework in Little Green Light

Posted July 8, 2020

We are in the process of upgrading one of the key software frameworks on which the Little Green Light application is built. This change will provide a number of benefits over time: the site will load faster as we'll be passing data more efficiently to the browser, we'll be able to speed up software development as this change cleans up our code base, and we'll be able to tap into a more modern look and feel for the site.

As we move through this change, we are updating specific areas of the application at a time and we are largely maintaining the existing look and feel. We're rolling out these changes to waves of customers, expanding as we confirm it isn't causing any disruption. Phase One, which is limited to pages in the Constituents tab, begins launching to select customers in early July 2020. 

There should be zero disruption to your use of LGL, but customers who see the new version will notice slight changes to the look and feel. This 1 minute 32 second video shows what you can expect:

This video has no audio.

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