Recommended reading for Little Green Light users - "The Little Book of Gold"

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This article describes The Little Book of Gold (LBOG) and how you can acquire it. It also describes how you can get a copy of the LGL Companion Guide, which explains how to apply LBOG practices to Little Green Light.

What is The Little Book of Gold?

The Little Book of Gold by Erik Hanberg is an essential book for anyone working on fundraising at a small nonprofit. This book is quick and easy to read and really packs a punch. It's full of fantastic fundraising suggestions that you can implement, even if you have a team of only one!

LGL has also put together a companion guide to The Little Book of Gold, which shows how you can use your LGL account to implement the many great ideas Erik Hanberg presents in LBOG.    

Get The Little Book of Gold

The Little Book of Gold is available for purchase in physical, digital, and audio formats from Amazon and the author's website.

Get the free LGL Companion Guide

To download the free LGL Companion Guide, visit this page on our website and scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the download request.