Free copy of "The Little Book of Gold" available to LGL customers

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This article describes "The Little Book of Gold" and how you can acquire it, in addition to receiving the LGL Companion Guide.

What is The Little Book of Gold?

"The Little Book of Gold" by Erik Hanberg is an essential book for anyone working on fundraising at a small nonprofit. This book is quick and easy to read and really packs a punch. It's full of fantastic fundraising suggestions that you can implement, even if you have a team of only one!

Little Green Light is making free copies of "The Little Book of Gold" available to all LGL customers throughout 2022. 

We are also making available the LGL Companion Guide, which shows you how you can use your LGL account to implement the many great ideas presented in "The Little Book of Gold."     

When you download "The Little Book of Gold," you'll see that you can read it in an e-reader (such as a Kindle), on a mobile app, or on your computer. The service we're using to distribute the book is called BookFunnel, which makes the process very smooth. Here's how the download works.

How to get "The Little Book of Gold"

To access your free copy of "The Little Book of Gold," log into your LGL account and go to the Help page in the upper-right corner of the screen. On the Help page, you'll see the link to get your free copy.

1. Go to the LGL landing page in BookFunnel. You'll see the book cover on the left and the companion guide on the right. Click in the cover image on the left.

2. Next you'll see a description of the book and a "GET MY BOOK" button.

3. Click "GET MY BOOK". You'll be asked for your first name and email address.

4. Look for an email from BookFunnel (from This email will have a link to get the book. After clicking in your email, you'll land on this page:

5. Clicking the "GET MY BOOK" button brings you to a screen on which you can select where you want to read the book.

For example, to read the book on your Kindle, click the "Kindle Tablet or E-Reader" button and you'll see a couple of options. One is to get an email that you can forward to your Kindle. In my case, I had to remember to add my email address as an authorized sending address for my Kindle (here's help on that). 

Another option is to read the book on your phone, in which case BookFunnel has a free app. 

How to get the LGL Companion Guide

The first step to get the LGL Companion Guide is on the Help page in your LGL account: Click the "Get free copy" button. 

You'll go to this landing page, where you can click in the image on the right.

After clicking on the companion guide image, you'll see a full description of the guide and a "GET MY BOOK" button.

Unlike with "The Little Book of Gold" itself, because the companion guide does not require an email address it's much quicker to receive your copy. As soon as you click "GET MY BOOK", you'll see an option to download the companion guide as a PDF.

BookFunnel Help Page

BookFunnel has a help page for readers looking for more information on how to get their digital book.