For software developers - Using the LGL API

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Little Green Light has created an API for use by software developers. The API is still officially in beta, because we are gating access and still limiting volume fairly significantly (to 300 calls per 5-minute period). By using the API, you agree to the API terms of use.

What can the API do?

The LGL API allows other web-based services to read and write data from and to an LGL account. A software developer is required to program the other software so that it can retrieve and post data into and from LGL. 

What if the API doesn't support my needs?

It's important to be aware that not all fields are available via the API. If you have a use case that requires additional fields to be added to the API, you can request those fields by writing to 

Where do I access the API?

Access to the API requires LGL to flip a switch in your account. Request this by going to Settings > Integration Settings > LGL API. Complete the short form to request access.