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What's on your dashboard

When you log in, you see your dashboard, the gateway to LGL. Within a matter of seconds, you can:

  1. See any alerts, such as possible duplicates to review
  2. See your open goals and tasks
  3. Review the calendar to find out what tasks and activities are assigned to you
  4. Review the week’s activity (tasks, goals, contact reports, etc.)
  5. View a quick summary of year-to-date and monthly giving
  6. See who your 10 most recent donors are or look up a constituent by name

Summary reports on your dashboard

Your dashboard includes several summary reports, such as a fundraising report that shows totals for the current fiscal year by Giving, In Kind, Pledges, and Installments. You can also toggle to the last fiscal year:

Customize your dashboard

You can customize which widgets you see on your dashboard and in what order you want them to appear. Your dashboard is specific to your user login, so if you customize your own dashboard, that will not affect what other users in your account see on their dashboards.

Alerts notify you of items you may need to tend to, such as gifts that need to be acknowledged and possible duplicate records.

By going to the My Profile area in LGL, administrator-level users can manage which alerts appear on the dashboard and which will send email notifications.

The My Constituents, Goals & Tasks list shows the number of constituents you are stewarding as well as your open goals and tasks. You can click on any item in blue to be taken to a list of search results containing them:

The Calendar displays activities occurring by day, such as gifts received, installments that are due, tasks that are due, and events. You can filter the calendar to show activities "owned" by team member.

Activity allows you to quickly view the week's activity (gifts, mailings, tasks, goals, contact reports, etc.)

Donor Retention gives you a snapshot of your first-time donors, consecutive donors, and recaptured donors (donors who made a gift this fiscal year and at some point in the past, but did not donate in the previous fiscal year). You can also toggle to the last fiscal year. Click on the numbers in blue to see the list of constituents, and you can also view the search criteria that is used. 

The Goals Summary section displays open goals that can be readily viewed.

Campaigns, Funds, Appeals, and Events list your campaigns, funds, appeals, and events with the most recent activity:

Volunteering Hours displays the number of volunteer hours recorded for the current year and the current month:

Constituent Search allows you to conveniently search for a particular constituent and also lists the constituents who gave the 10 most recent gifts.

The Stewardship widget is a handy way to keep track of your donors, as it displays the number of Top 100 donors who have not yet made a gift this fiscal year, LYBUNTs (all donors who gave last year but unfortunately not this year), and more. Click on the numbers in blue to view the donors who fall into these categories. You can adjust your view by selecting a particular steward from the dropdown menu.

If you've turned on membership settings in your account, you'll also have the option to include the Membership Summary widget:

The pledge summary widget provides you with information about your pledges:

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