Subscribe to your LGL calendar

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If you use Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows, Google Calendar, Apple's iCal, or another calendaring program that supports the iCalendar standard, you can subscribe to your LGL calendar and see your to-do's and other LGL activities in your daily work calendar.

Apple iCal and Microsoft Outlook

Click on the calendar icon and, if you are using Apple iCal on a Mac or Microsoft Outlook on Windows, you will be prompted to add the calendar to your list of subscribed calendars.

NOTE: If you use a version of Microsoft Outlook later than 2013 and you have experienced an error syncing to your LGL calendar, please see the "Advanced option: Workaround for syncing versions later than Outlook 2013 via Google Calendar" section later in this article.

Google Calendar

Adding the calendar to Google Calendar requires a bit more manual effort. First, right-click on the calendar icon and copy the link/URL:

Then log in to your Google Calendar account and click the plus sign next to the Add a friend's calendar text input box: 

This will open a popup box, where you can click the From URL option:

Here, you can add the calendar URL:

Other calendar programs

The iCalendar standard is supported by many calendar programs. Setup in those programs is likely to be similar to the Google Calendar setup described above.