Constituents overview

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The Constituents tab is where you can manage records for all of the people and organizations that support your mission.

Basic name search

You can perform a quick search by constituent name from any page within LGL. The search field always appears in the upper-right corner of the page:

The general constituent name search looks for matching terms in any of the following fields: addressee, first name, last name, nick name, maiden name, spouse name, org name, internal ID (the unique LGL ID), and external ID (if the constituents were imported from another system).

Filters (AKA insight into your search results)

Filters are tools that help you hone and refine your search results. All search filters are browsable and can be applied to or removed from any search by checking/un-checking their check boxes or clicking on their hyperlinked names.

Filters are entirely dependent on the current search, so if you narrow the results by a group like Alumni, then only the filters that are relevant to that search will be visible.

Each filtering section can be expanded or collapsed to conserve space. On larger result sets, some filters can have a lot of values. Initially, up to five (5) filters display, but if there are more options all can be seen by clicking on the More... link.

Sometimes the basic search and filters are not enough to get you the results that you need. LGL has powerful advanced search features that allow you to query for constituents by many different categories (in isolation or in combination).

List Management

While most queries can be handled with some type of advanced search, there are times when it's useful to create a list that encapsulates a particular query. With List Manager, you can add the constituents in any search and then refine it from there, selecting and deselecting constituents in bulk or one at a time. After that, your list can be used as a starting point for any query.

NOTE: You can also use lists to make bulk updates.

Constituent details

LGL makes it easy to manage the people your organization is connected to and the relationships you are building. Each Constituent Details page provides a window into your complete history with that person or institution. You can access all of this information on the Constituent Details page.