How do I add constituents?

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You can add new constituents to LGL from the Home or Constituents tab. You can also add new constituents during the gift entry process if you are logging a donation from a new constituent.

Safeguarding against creating duplicates

To avoid creating duplicates, after you enter a constituent's first and last name LGL will display a notification below the name field when there are records containing possible duplicate/s:

If you see this notification, you have the option to see the listing by clicking the Show results button to open it in the constituent entry form:

Or you can click the View in new tab button to see the results in a separate browser tab:

Another option for avoiding duplicate creation would be to search for a constituent before you add any new records to LGL. Searching by name fragments is also a good idea (*nic bick* instead of nick bicknell) because that is a more foolproof way to catch possible variations in spelling.

Adding a new constituent

To add one new constituent, click on the Add constituent button and choose the appropriate option (individual versus organization):


The required fields change depending on which type of constituent you want to add. Organizations/institutions require only an organization name, while the individuals require only a last name.

Using the short constituent form

The short constituent form is useful when you only need to add basic information about a person to get them in the system, for instance, while entering gifts or when you have a lot of names to enter (but not so many that it makes sense to import them).

Using the full constituent form

With the full form, you can add a lot more name information, multiple pieces of contact information, as well as all other primary types of constituent information (categories, relationships, memberships, class years, education info, etc.), all in a single form.

Within the full form, you can open and close sections by clicking on the gray bar:

Opening a section


Closing a section


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