Constituent activity

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The Related activity section on the Constituent Details page shows a complete listing of all your interactions with a constituent (contact reports, notes, tasks, gifts, goals, mailings, documents, volunteering, appeal requests, and event invitations).

Related activity colors key

The colors you see in the Related Activity section of a constituent details page signify the following: 

  • Green: Gifts
  • Light green: Pledges, installments, and goals
  • Dark green: Contact reports
  • Blue: Tasks (unless the task is overdue, in which case it is dark red)
  • Light blue: Comments
  • Dark blue: Mailings/emails
  • Maroon: Notes
  • Dark red: Overdue tasks
  • Yellow: Documents

You can filter activity by type and by date. By default, all past activity is shown through the present date plus one month (+1 month), but you can easily change the date range using the standard date filter. You can also search activities by name and description.

Add activity

To record new activity with a constituent, you can click on any of the buttons in the Related activity bar (see the "Edit or delete activity" section below for complete details):

Edit or delete activity

Activities can be edited or deleted by clicking on the Actions button and selecting the appropriate option (edit or delete).