Quick searching and reporting with Fundraising views

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    One of the easiest ways to create a quick listing of gifts by a specific campaign, fund, appeal, event, or gifts to be acknowledged is via the "View" menu in the Fundraising tab.

    The default view is for "All giving", but by opening the menu you have access to a variety of options on which you can search. When you choose to view by Campaign, Fund, Appeal, or Event, for instance, you can also continue to filter your results by any additional criteria you want, such as date, payment type, and so on. Better yet, you can also quickly and easily export those search results right from this screen as either a .pdf or .csv file.

    NOTE: As with constituents, if you are exporting fewer than 500 records, the export will be available immediately. Otherwise, LGL will process the export within a few minutes and send you an email when it is completed.

    Sample "Fundraising by view" reports

    Many fundraising "views" are available. Here is a sampling.

    Giving by constituent/year 

    On-screen report of gifts for each of the last 3 years, by constituent:

    To generate a printable report of the Giving by Constituent/year view, click on the Export Results button above and to the right of the Advanced Search area and choose the By Constituent/Year (csv only) report template from the dropdown list as you're customizing your export:

    Example Constituent/Year CSV export

    Giving by campaign

    On-screen report showing all gifts by campaign with a one-click option to export to a CSV or PDF file:

    Giving by fund and category

    On-screen report that makes it easier to reconcile donations with your accounting system:

    Giving by month

    On-screen report showing gifts by month with a one-click option to export to a CSV or PDF file:

    Giving by custom gift category

    On-screen report showing the total number of gifts with the custom gift categories assigned, broken out by total raised and gift type.

    Total giving by tier

    On-screen report with the number of constituents by gift tier and the total giving amount in that tier.