Fundraising searching, browsing, and reporting

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Quick searching and reporting with "Fundraising by view"

One of the easiest ways to create a quick listing of gifts by a specific campaign, fund, appeal, event, or gifts to be acknowledged is by using the "View" menu in the Fundraising tab.

The default view is for "All giving," but by opening the menu you have access to a variety of options on which you can search. When you choose to view by Campaign, Fund, Appeal, or Event, for instance, you can also continue to filter your results by any additional criteria you want, such as date, payment type, and so on, by adding those search criteria to the Advanced Search fields above. You can also quickly and easily export those search results right from this screen as either a .pdf or .csv file.

Searching, browsing, and reporting, generally speaking

You can use the fundraising search and browse functionality as a kind of interactive gift reporting system. For example, if I want to look at numbers from the last fiscal year, I can make a selection from the date range filter and then review the information that appears in the Gift type filter:

From here I can see that we received:

  • 8 gifts, totaling $1,900
  • 2 in-kind gifts, totaling $400
  • 1 other income record, totaling $500
  • 2 pledges, totaling $1,300 with a $900 balance
  • 1 soft credit, totaling $100

As with the constituent search described above, the other filters in the search provide deeper insight into our fundraising from last year, and they also allow us to further refine the results as desired.

Filter by gift date

By default, when you go to the Fundraising > Giving area, your results will be filtered for gifts with gift dates of this fiscal year. You can set your fiscal year start date in the Settings > Subscription settings area.

There are other date fields you can search on as well, such as:

  • Deposit date (only applies to Gifts, as In Kind, Pledges, and Related Gifts have no deposit dates)
  • Creation date (the date the gift record was created in LGL)
  • Updated date (the date the gift record was created in LGL)

In the Advanced Search section, you can choose which field(s) you want to search on. If you want to have repeated access to a search, save it.

Browse and filter by other criteria

You can filter any list of fundraising items by:

  • Gift Type
  • Gift Status
  • Payment Type
  • Campaign
  • Fund
  • Event
  • Appeal
  • Steward
  • Constituent Categories
  • Capacity
  • Interest
  • Group
  • Tag
  • Custom categories (as applicable)
  • List

For example, to view only gifts within a specific campaign, click on the Gift checkbox, and then click on the Annual Giving campaign checkbox:

Search by constituent

You can search gifts and goals by constituent name. A search for "charles," for example, brings up gifts by any constituent where any of the name fields includes "charles".