Contact reports

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Contact reports provide a great way to catalog important interactions with your constituents. They allow you to record the details of any phone call, meeting, or email (for example), and make it easy to create follow-up tasks for yourself or others in the process.

Adding contact reports

You can add a contact report by clicking on the Add contact rpt. button from the Related activity area in the constituent details or task details, or after marking a task for completion:

Then you can fill out the contact report form, setting the contact type, date of contact, team member who made contact, and the details of the report. If you do not want to include the report details in the notification email for some reason, you can deselect the Include content in notification email? checkbox.

You can also add related tasks if there are any follow-up tasks that came out of the meeting or contact. These tasks will be created when the contact report is saved. NOTE: You can add related tasks at any time if you update the contact report as well.

Then, as with tasks, you can upload files, share the contact report with multiple related constituents, and set the access permissions and notifications for this contact report. Access will be allowed only for users with the specified role, and email regarding the contact report will be sent to all selected team members.

Linking a contact report to related constituents

While entering or editing a contact report for a constituent, you can also link the contact report to anyone who is related to that constituent. This is useful when there are multiple constituents who are related (either in a family or by virtue of working for or being affiliated with the same organization), and you want to ensure that your contact report is visible in each related constituent’s profile.

To add a related constituent to a contact report, you can check the names of the relevant related constituents under Activity Sharing in the Contact report form:

Custom contact report types

Contact reports share types with tasks, so you can customize these types by customizing the available task types within Settings > Menu Items.

Reporting on contact reports

You can search and report on contact reports using these search criteria:

  • Last contact report
  • Contact report dates
  • Contact report type
  • Contact report count
  • Contact report team member
  • Contact report details

Here you can see the different search options for contact reports that are available from the Constituents tab:

You can also include columns in your reports to show you contact reports within a given date range, for example, by making your selections in the Customize step of the report builder:

You also have the option to add a "Contact report count" column to a constituent report during the Customize step as you're building a constituent report. You'll see this option when you customize your report, add the "Contact rpts." column, and view the custom options for that column, as shown in these screenshots:

From the "Constituent Fields" tab: the appropriate column: