Creating a mailing list to send to a mail house

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Key steps

If you're using a mail house to fulfill a mailing, you most likely will need to provide a spreadsheet from which the mail house will produce letters, labels, or envelopes. To do that you will generate an export from LGL. (So, this article technically belongs in the Reports area, but because it's so closely related to Mailings, we're putting it here).

The steps to generate this export are:

  1. Go to the Constituents tab and run the searches and filters you need until you have the correct search result set for your list
  2. Click the Export results button in the upper right corner, and then customize your report to get the correct columns of data in it (see instructions below for customizing your address and addressee fields to remove any carriage returns)
  3. Complete your export, and download the resulting spreadsheet to send to your mail house

Note: Remember that mail houses don't like carriage returns in data, so you will need to make these customizations to your address and addressee fields to prepare them for use by the mailing house:

  • Customize your address field and check the "Split address 1 2 3" box
  • Customize your addressee field to split it into addressee 1 and addressee 2 by checking the "Split multiple lines into two columns?" box

Video tutorial guide

This video illustrates these steps. Note that the video has no narration.

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