Publish a form

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Options for publishing your form

You have three options for publishing your form:

  • Linking directly to your form
  • Embedding JavaScript code
  • Embedding HTML iframe code

To get to these options for each form, click the Share/Publish link for your form, which is accessible from the form list:

From there, you can choose the information you want to copy and use to link/embed your forms:

Linking to your form

In the Link to form section, copy and paste the URL to send to your target audience. The form will be displayed on a hosted LGL Forms page.

Embedding the form in your website or another web page

The second option is to embed the form in your website. Most CMS systems, such as WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, allow for embedding forms. 

(NOTE: You will need to work individually with your provider for help embedding your form so that it displays and behaves as you expect.)

You have the option to embed either a JavaScript version or an iframe version, depending on your needs.

The JavaScript version is recommended because it will automatically adjust to any changes you make to the height of your form.

Just copy and paste the code provided and your form will display in your website.

NOTE: If you want the data submitted through your form to flow into LGL, you can set that up on the Link to LGL tab on your Forms page. See the Integrate your forms data to flow into LGL article for more information.

Updating the embedded summary/label text for your form

A summary/label is always included when you embed your form in a webpage. The text "Fill out my LGL Form!" is present by default. If you would like to change this text, you can do so by updating the field shown here: