Customize your event

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Why customize an event?

Customizing your event lets you easily track things like sponsorship levels, table assignments, and meal preferences that are specific to that particular event. To customize the event, you add categories and attributes to it.

Add categories and attributes to your event

To customize your event, click on the Customize button from either the Fundraising > Events page, or from Event Details:

Add categories and attributes

From the Customize page, you can add new categories and attributes that will be available for tracking extra information about each constituent you invite to the event. These categories and attributes are event-specific:

Should your custom field be a category or an attribute?

Within the event feature in LGL, you can add as many custom fields to the invitation as you like. If you choose to add the field as a category, you will have the ability to name the category and provide a listing of values for that category.

Some examples of event categories include: Sponsorship level (i.e., bronze, silver, gold), advertisement size (i.e., full-page, half-page, quarter-page), meal choice (beef, chicken, vegetarian)

If you choose to add a field as an attribute, you can select from several types of fields, such as short text, long text, date, and so on:

Some examples of event attributes include: Number of tickets (number attribute type), Team captain name (short text attribute type), or Certification date (date/time attribute type)

Notes about custom fields

  • When setting up an attribute, you have a few options: You can make it applicable to individual or organization type records, make it read-only, or cause it to be searchable.
  • When adding a category, you can choose whether it will be a single-select field (i.e., only one value can be assigned per category), a multi-select field (i.e., more than one value can be assigned per category), and if you want to filter on the category.
  • All custom fields can be searched on inside the event and in the Advanced Search function in the All Constituents view; they can also be exported. To search on custom event fields for a specific event from the Constituents page, you will need to restrict the search by the event, as shown here: