Customize your appeal

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What are appeal categories and attributes, and what are they used for?

Appeal categories and attributes allow you to track additional data for your appeal, such as total giving last year, last year's gift, and even requested followup method (for example, email, phone call, or letter).

Appeal categories are fixed, menu-driven values that are applicable to multiple records simultaneously, such as which board member is assigned to a constituent. 

Appeal attributes are free-form values that are typically unique to a constituent. Examples of appeal attributes include a unique ask amount or a custom phrase to use in a mailing for a specific constituent. 

Both appeal categories and appeal attributes can be used in custom LGL Mail Merge Fields. Read more about how to use these merge fields to include information from them in your communications with your appeal audience. 

Add categories and attributes to your appeal

To customize an appeal, click on the Customize button from either the Fundraising > Appeals page, or from Appeal Details:

From here, you can add new categories and attributes that will be available for tracking extra information about each constituent you contact about your appeal. These categories and attributes are appeal-specific:

Customize the appeal status dropdown list

You can customize the appeal status dropdown list by going to Settings > Menu Items > Other menu items.

Note that these appeal statuses are global in your account, so they will apply to all appeals in the same way.