Adding segments to your appeal

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By using appeals in Little Green Light, you can keep track of which constituents have been solicited when and for what purpose, and then manage how those constituents have responded to that specific solicitation (e.g., gave a gift, declined, or did not respond). By doing these things, you'll have greater visibility into the successes of your various solicitations or outreach efforts.

By using appeal segments, you can also group together constituents within an appeal that share common attributes (e.g., giving history or affinity) and create customized communications to each segment, or grouping. In addition, you have the option to assign a default ask amount to each segment.

Add segments to your appeal

After you have created your appeal, you can begin adding segments and searching for the constituents that meet the criteria for the segment.

To create a new segment, go to your Appeals page, click the name of the appeal you want to add segments to, and then click the Add segment button within the Appeal Segments tab:

Name your segment, provide a description if applicable, assign a default ask amount, and click Save.

Once you've created the segment, you'll want to add constituents to it. Click the Actions button next to the segment and, from the dropdown menu that appears, choose Add Constituents.

You can follow these instructions to search for the constituents you want to add to your segment.

Adding multiple segments

If you want to send a customized letter to different segments within your appeal, you can do that by creating additional segments. In this case, you might have a few different categories:

  • Segment 1: $1000+ donors (donors who've given more than $1000 at any point)

  • Segment 2: $500+ donors (donors who've given $500 or more at any point)

  • Segment 3: Everyone else

Once you have added all of these, you will end up with a set like this one, with a total of 1053 unique constituents assigned to the appeal:

Segments are arranged in priority order, which you can change at any point by clicking on either the up or down arrow in the Position column. Constituents can be added to more than one segment list but will only appear in their highest-ranked segment (noted in the overlapping record count in each segment).

Sending mail to a particular segment

You can create mailings for each segment independently, which allows you to customize your communications more easily. To create a mailing for a segment, click on the Actions button and select Add mailing from the dropdown menu. You can then follow these instructions to create your mailing.

Reporting on an appeal segment

Here are ways you can export data and create a report from an appeal segment.

Canned reports available with the click of a button

Two pre-built reports are available from within an appeal:

Clicking the Segment Summary Export button generates a PDF that displays the giving count and giving summary for that segment. Clicking the Segment Detailed Exports button generates an Excel spreadsheet with columns displaying the constituent ID and name, the appeal segment name, and giving data for the segment.

Creating a custom constituent report on an appeal segment

You can also search on, and generate a custom constituent report from, an appeal segment in the Constituents tab:

From here, you can click the Export results button, and then customize the columns for your report, as you would with any custom report.

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