Basic searching and filtering

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In addition to name searches, you probably will also want to search for constituents by gift history, location, and/or category. Or perhaps you want to drill down into a set of results, looking at individual categories as filters.

Searching with multiple criteria

Little Green Light gives you many options for searching your constituent data. To get a look at them all, you can click the dropdown menu in the Advanced Search area on the Constituents tab:

Simply select the option you want to search by, and then define the parameters for that search field:

NOTE: Whenever you search for gifts in the Constituents tab, the gift types for those gifts are automatically added to the search criteria so that it is clear which gift types are being included in your search results.

You can search constituents by more than one criteria as well, by clicking Add more criteria:

Note that you can also remove criteria by clicking the "x" to the left of the criteria statement.

Now let's take a look at a few common searches.

The classic LYBUNT search

LYBUNTs are donors who gave last year but not this year, accessible via a simple query by Last gift dates and Gift types:

NOTE: The "Last gift dates" criteria searches the last gift to any combination of campaigns, funds, appeals, or events. 

First-time donors this year

Finding first-time donors in LGL for a given date range is also quite simple—just like LYBUNTs, but using First gift dates instead of Last gift dates:

Donors to a particular campaign

You may want to see who donated to a particular campaign, fund, event, or appeal. The process is the same for all, but we'll show you a campaign search here. We are going to use Gift dates (we don't care if the gift was their first or last), and Campaigns (giving) (rather than "Campaigns", which pulls those who are assigned to the campaign rather than those who gave to it) to find constituents who gave to a particular campaign. We could also add Gift types if we wanted to restrict it to specific types of gifts (Pledge, In Kind, Gift, etc.).

Constituents who gave or pledged more than $500 total last year

In this case, we are not concerned with the campaign, appeal, fund, or event, just with the Gift dates and the Total giving amt., as well as the Gift types:

A mailing list

Mailing lists are the bread and butter of any donor management system, and you can use the constituent search to easily create those—in the form of reports/exports, lists, or both. Either way, you'll want to start with a query on Can send mail?, which automatically excludes constituents who:

  • Don't have at least one valid or active mailing address
  • Have been flagged as "Do not mail"
  • Are marked "Deceased"

This is a good starting point for any mailing list, and you can then combine it with other criteria to hone in on the exact constituents you need for any particular mailing. 

NOTE: See the Mailings Overview article for details on how to create a mailing.

Filtering search results

Filters provide a great way to visualize the results for any query. They also help to quickly narrow down your search results.

Filters appear to the left of your search results:

Clicking on a filter will narrow your search results accordingly:

Searching by category

If you want to query by multiple filters, use the main Advanced Search feature, search for any value under Category (for example, "Groups"), and click the Select button to choose the ones you want to search by: