LGL Affiliate Program

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How to sign up

You are welcome to join the LGL Affiliate program if you serve nonprofits as a consulting firm, service provider, or umbrella organization (such as a diocese or as a state or national organization with nonprofit members). As an Affiliate, you will generate referral fees for new customers you bring to LGL, and you can choose to split these fees with your referrals. Learn more and sign up at www.littlegreenlight.com/affiliate-program.

Logging into your Affiliate account

There are two ways to log into your Affiliate account.

  1. Most members of the Affiliate program have access to a free account to use for testing, learning, and demo purposes. Select the My referrals section in your free demo account to access the Affiliate section.
  2. You can also log into https://mylgl.littlegreenlight.com to access your Affiliate account. Use this method if you do not have a free demo account. Once logged in, click on the link for the Affiliate Referrals section (outlined in red on the green navigation bar in the screenshot below).

Whether you've logged into your demo account's  My referrals section or the Affiliate Referrals console, the following applies to both.

Payout and choosing your split

The total amount of referral credit generated for each successful referral is $200. If you pass 100% of the referral credit to your referral, they will get a credit of $200 in their new LGL account as soon as it's associated with your Affiliate code. This has to occur prior to the account paying for any subscription fees. If your Affiliate account is set to split that amount 50/50, then the credit to your referral will be $100 and the cash payout to you will be $100. 

Click on the Settings tab and you can choose your referral split. By selecting the 50/50 split, you will be paid for any referrals who become paying customers once their subscription payments match your affiliate fee. In other words, if you choose the 50/50 option, the referred account has to have paid $100 in subscription fees before you will be credited with your $100.

Legacy Affiliate accounts
In August 2022, we increased the payouts from $150 total to $200. We also changed the choices available in terms of the payouts. Prior to August 2022, we included an option for Affiliates to keep 100% of the referral credit (meaning all of the $150).  If your account had that option selected then you can keep that option; however, we are leaving the payout for the 100% to the Affiliate at $150 rather than increasing that to $200. 

Making referrals

One way to make a referral is to simply tell your nonprofit clients that they can use your code to get a discount when they sign up for LGL. Your referral code is listed at the top of the Send a referral section of your Affiliate area. (If you have a free demo account, then your code is the same as your LGL account prefix.)

Tell your clients what your code is, and they will be able to enter that into the “Referral code” box they will see when they first set up their LGL account or when they subscribe.

In the  Referrals area, you have two additional ways to make referrals: Email and weblinks

Email The screenshot below shows an example of the default email that is ready for you to send to your referrals. You can enter up to 10 email addresses at a time. You also have the option to edit the email. However, you will want to make sure that you leave the link to Little Green Light unchanged. Embedded within this link is your Affiliate code, which is what will link your referral's account to your account.

Weblinks Another way to promote LGL to your referrals is to post weblinks on your site. We have provided two images for you to choose from. Copy and paste the HTML code and place it on your website where you would like the image to appear. The image will be linked to Little Green Light, and it has your Affiliate code embedded in it.

Checking the status of referrals

You can check the status of any referrals you've made by looking in the Referrals tab. You will be able to see if your referrals have created a trial account and whether they have subscribed as an LGL customer.

Getting paid

If you have selected the option to get paid yourself (versus passing 100% to your referrals), then LGL will pay you in cash for each successful referral. LGL pays at the beginning of each month via ACH automatic deposit. To be paid, LGL will need to receive a completed W-9 form from you and your ACH bank information for automatic deposits. You will see information on this under the Settings tab.

Short video on managing your Affiliate account

Watch a short video on managing your Affiliate account: