LGL Refer a Friend program

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How to access the Refer a Friend area

All LGL customers associated with a paying account can take advantage of the LGL Refer a Friend program.

You will see a “Refer a friend” link in the top right corner of your LGL account:

Making referrals

The easiest way to make a referral is simply to tell your friend or colleague at another nonprofit that they can use your code to get a discount when they sign up for LGL. Your referral code is the same as your account prefix (in your account's URL: prefix.littlegreenlight.com), and your code is listed in the Refer a friend area, as shown here:

Share your code with your friend or colleague. They can then enter this code into the Referral code box during the signup process before their LGL account has been created or after their account has been created when they are subscribing. 

Additional ways you can make referrals

You can also make referrals in a more automatic way through email and weblinks, as described below.


The screenshot below shows an example of the default email that is ready for you to send to your referrals. You can enter up to 10 email addresses at a time. You also have the option to edit the email. However, you will want to make sure that you leave the link to Little Green Light intact. Embedded in this link is your referral code, which is what will link your referral's account to your account.


Another way to promote LGL to your referrals is to post weblinks on your site. We have provided two images for you to choose from. Copy and paste the HTML code and place it on your website where you would like the image to appear. The image will be linked to Little Green Light, and it will have your referral code embedded in it.

Checking the status of referrals

You can check the status of any referrals you've made by looking in the Referrals tab. You will be able to see if your referrals have created a trial account and then whether they have subscribed as an LGL customer.

Getting credit

Your referrals will receive a credit of $100 in their accounts right away (upon creating their trial account from your referral). Your account will be credited $100 as soon as your referral has paid that much in subscription fees. (Referrals made prior to August 15, 2022 were rewarded at a level of $75 to the referrer and $75 to the referred account.)

Terms and Conditions

The LGL Refer a Friend Program is subject to these published Terms and Conditions.